Monday, August 1, 2011

90 Days till the Marathon!

I had an awful long run yesterday. However, I looked at my training calendar for August today, and right there, in big, bold writing, it says:

90 Days till the Marathon!!!

90 Days! 90 days till I get the privilege of running the Marine Corps Marathon with TeamUSO. 90 days till I can  say I've run 2 marathons. 90 days till I triumphantly cross the finish line. Hopefully this time without the crying :)

90 days!

With that in mind, my only goal in August is to be a bit more consistent with training. I was looking back over July's numbers this morning, and while I put in a fair number of miles, I was very, very sporadic. I NEED to be more consistent week to week. 

Also, since soccer will cease to be twice a week this month, I need to look into tempo/speed training. I've been subbing out two of my runs for soccer games, since I sprint back and forth for 90 minutes twice a week! That's speed work, right?

Finally, I've begun reading Haruki Murakami's What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. So far it's beautifully written and chalk full of running inspiration. I'll have a full report once I finish it!

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