Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5 miler - DNS

For only the second time in all of the years I have been running I DNS'd a race that I had registered for. The Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5 miler was held on Thursday, but as I'm sure you've heard, we're having a little weather problem here in the Northeast.

Because this is held on a Thursday the start time was at 6:30pm, when the approximate temperature outside at race time was 1,503,432 Kelvin. Which is just too hot for me to do anything but fan myself in an air conditioned room. To be honest, with all of the heat advisories that have been issued, I expected the race to be cancelled. However, the email came through at 3:00 pm that the race was still on, and that plentiful water would be available.

At that point, I looked at the bag with my running stuff in it. Looked at Intellicast. Waffled on whether or not it would be a good idea to run in a heat index of 103 on a course that has minimal shade. Asked people if it was a good idea. I made lists. I said, Yes I shall do this! Then changed my mind. Then changed it back again. Then eventually, I decided to bag it.

All within a 30 minute time span.

I love race t-shirts. I love the energy that comes with running on a timed course surrounded by a bunch of other crazed runners. I hate not doing things I've already payed for.

However, above and beyond all of those things, I hate heatstroke. And that trumped all the other factors.


  1. I think you made smart decision! 103 degrees? Um, no thank-you. I have trouble in 85 degree weather just sitting outside.

  2. What shocked me was that over 700 people still ran! I was feeling over-exerted and dizzy just making a quick trip to the bank!