Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Belated June Totals

Belated Happy Birthday America! I would have wished you one sooner but I was celebrating it with a 26 mile bike ride and then by the pool with food.

/most awesome excuse ever

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to look back at the month that was June and see how this whole training thing was progressing. Especially considering how many races I have on the docket from here to October 30th!

Here goes…

Total miles: 72 miles

For comparison’s sake, I had 21 total miles in May!

Run: 29 miles. (Compared to 15 in May)
Bike: 39 miles (0 in May)
Swim: 2 miles (0 in May)

Added into all of that there were 4 hours and 15 minutes of soccer played in the month of June!

My swimming distance is frighteningly low, especially given that whole triathlon thing that I have going on Saturday morning. However, the sheer increase of my biking miles over last month is awesome.

I have also discovered the whole “you have 0 miles this week” on Daily Mile motivates me like none other. It has become a personal mission to change that number as quickly as possible.

Races run: 2. Well really, one but it counted for two!

Days of rest: 12 days. I’ve been trying to do 2 rest days a week, but in the beginning of June I was still trying to get my sea legs under me

Pounds lost or gained: 5 lbs gained as of this morning. I went from 178 to 183 as of this morning. I’m really hoping this is post-holiday bloat, because I am way too far above my fighting weight to be comfortable.

Overall, I would say this is none-too-shabby for the first month back in the swing of things since the Philly Marathon. However, never again will I be such a lazy, lazy, lazy person for such an extended period of time. Getting back down to my fighting weight is taking a lot more time than it used to, and everything’s a bit slower than my already slow pace.

Goals for July:

  • Complete that pesky triathlon on Saturday (eep!!!!!)
  • Run the Jim Kane 5 miler faster than I did last year (53:52)
  • Up my bike, swim and run miles (and thus my total mileage)
  • Run all long runs, every week, even if it means getting up at o’dark-30 to beat the heat and humidity of a Boston summer
  • Eat healthier and avoid the evil office candy dish so that perhaps I can start getting down to the happy weight.

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