Monday, August 16, 2010

Righteously sore

I ended last week with a bang, training wise. On Thursday, I did speedwork, and while normally I don’t mind speedwork, this week I got a bit over excited. In other words, I loved the speedwork a bit too much. Perhaps it was the two whole days of rest, perhaps it was the weather that was in the 70s and sans humidity, but I did my 1600 repeats at a speed that was much too quick pour moi. The first 1600 was accomplished in 9:03, and the second was in 9:20. I was supposed to finish them in 9:45 (which is my pace goal for Philly). Now one wouldn’t think running two miles quicker than anticipated would be a problem, but by the time I began my mile run home, I felt like my legs were noodles and my lungs were going to explode out of my chest à la alien.

I had a 9 mile long run on Saturday. I ended up doing three, 3-mile loops, and the first two loops were great. Loops one and two were done somewhere between 10 and 11 minute mile pace, however I totally bonked loop three. In fact, I bonked around the end of mile 7. Apparently anything over a 10k requires both water and fuel. I was hungry, thirsty, and had reached the very last of my reserves. This means that I’m going to have to learn how to 1) run with some sort of hydration pack and 2) figure out this whole GU, sport bean, refueling on the run thing. Obviously I can’t do the trusty soccer refuel of orange slices and Gatorade at half-time, but I’m going to have something out, because the runs only get longer from here!

I concluded the weekend with a 15 mile bike ride on Sunday. All of this end of the week activity has left me feeling distinctly sore. My legs are freaking killing me! I now make this lovely groaning noise when I try to get up after sitting for 20 or more minutes. It's very attractive, in a wildebeest sort of way. Here's hoping the three-miler on tap for tomorrow helps shake out the rest of the aches and pains!

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